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Good information is the key to making the right investment decisions. In order to live up to this goal, our analysts always keep in close touch with the companies under our coverage. Primary research of this kind requires regular participation in analyst meetings and visiting companies. It provides the foundation of our successful analytical work. Our company not only has a research database but also a vast network in the domestic and international capital market.

This allows us to offer a wide range of information and consulting services to banks, institutional investors, and capital investment firms. Our customers include numerous well-known German and international financial institutions.

Our research products

researchOur services are closely aligned to the needs and requirements of our customers. The extent, frequency and depth of our information and research services can be customised. Thanks to the individual layout of our services, the customers will be provided only with the products and services they need.

Apart from a range of standardised products we also undertake White Label Research on the DAX and other attractive stocks from the Prime and General Standard segments. Moreover, we are the only analyst team to cover the entire Entry Standard segment, and we also have selected US big caps and Commodity Stocks under coverage.

It takes a lot of expertise and industry knowledge to be able to analyse New Issues. Since the incorporation of Independent Research in 1995, we have analysed well over 100 IPOs.

Our Credit Research division specialises in corporate bonds.

On behalf of our partners in the banking sector we also analyse and value investment funds, ETFs and certificates in our Product Research division.


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